Clearwater Café Trails

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Clearwater Café Trails

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Contact Person
Natalie Abbott
Mobile Number
083 549 6710
Clearwater Farm, D595, Port Edward 4295

The Clearwater story to date...

Clearwater Farm was established as commercial crop farm in 1979.  The landowners, Tony and Maggie Abbott, being avid hikers, nature lovers and botanists formed bonds with the bordering Nature Reserve providing a venue for eco-education.  

The following developments then took place to feed a demand for a tourist attraction and recreational facility;

The Cabins were set up in 1994 as self-catering units and so overnight visitors have been coming to Clearwater for over 20 years to enjoy the tranquility of nature.   

The Trail Network was opened to the public in June 2003, with the Gorge View Deck, being completed in May 2004.

The Trail Cafe then opened in November 2011 for breakfasts, lunches and teas to day visitors and pre-booked organised groups.

Clearwater Trail Centre grew out of the passion for mountain biking and the need for more natural experiences. Today we still continue to develop (organically) and encourage our visitors to make time for their natural world and establish a healthy way of life.  

When you come to Clearwater expect yourself to be enlightened, whether you are just getting away for the weekend, on your world trip or are seeking a specific experience.